The California Clean Fuel Reward amount has been temporarily reduced to $0.
See FAQs for more information.

Find Your EV

Ready to buy or lease an electric vehicle? There is a great online resource from Plug-In America, one of the first non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting EVs. It enables you to compare the eligible vehicles, find which fit your budget, locate a retailer, and uncover all the EV incentives available to you. It’s called PlugStar.

Just remember to come back here to confirm that the vehicle you select is eligible for the California Clean Fuel Reward, and that you’re going to acquire it from a participating retailer.

We encourage you to shop around to ensure you get the best price on the vehicle you're interested in. The California Clean Fuel Reward is intended to be a reduction of the sales price without any markups or add-ons.

Any Battery Electric (BEV) or Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) light-duty vehicle with a battery capacity greater than 5 kWh is eligible for the California Clean Fuel Reward.

The reward is offered on a sliding scale, depending on battery size, up to $750.

Vehicles must be purchased at a participating retailer. Find a retailer near you.

The California Clean Fuel Reward is a time-of-sale incentive available to everyone who resides in California at participating electric vehicle retailers.

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