The California Clean Fuel Reward amount has been temporarily reduced to $0.
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EV Ownership

Electric vehicles aren't a fad—they're the future. Compared to traditional vehicles, EVs are easier to maintain, more affordable to "fuel" up, better for the environment, and far more reliable than you think. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or lessen your reliance on fossil fuels, an EV is a smart investment.

Still wondering if you should buy an electric vehicle? Research EV charger options and discover the many perks of EV ownership below.

Electric vehicles are about much more than good, clean fun. EV owners get access to the HOV lane, electric vehicle tax credits, and more.

With advances in EV driving range and the expansion of public charging stations throughout California, electric vehicles make more sense than ever.

There are hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles on the streets of California. If you get one, you’ll find yourself in good company.